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equality. fragrances. believes in the power of fragrance. A fragrance has the unique power to trigger memories and influence actions.

The gender-neutral eau de parfum includes a statement for more tolerance and openness. equality's message is clear: wear it and believe in it.

For the founder Lukas Görlitz the 2019 European elections and the growing strength of right-wing parties were the foundation for his brand equality. People are still defined and or even belittled by their origin, skin color, race, culture, religion, gender and sexuality. So he came up with the idea to create a fragrance that reminds and encourages to live with love and not with hate and to proudly and loudly carry this positive energy outwards. According to Luke, smell is one of the strongest senses and has the power to trigger memories and thus influence actions. In order not to think about the equality approach individually and too small, IJM, as an internationally active and equally thinking human rights organization, was incorporated into the concept of equality. recorded. Equality. would like to create an impact here too and support the work of IJM. Therefore, 10% of the income goes to equality. to her partner IJM. The equality. is to forge a more tolerant society where everyone is comfortable.

equality. it's on you.
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